Discovering the world at Sherwood Childcare!

Sherwood Childcare developed a unique set of learning activities that encourage children to discover the world around us through the "Sustainability System" that was designed and built by Sherwood Childcare in 2017.

"Sustainability System" is a self-sustained eco system designed to let our children learn the conservation of natural resources and, at the same time, to be the teaching resources for Discovery of Our World (DOW). Many subjects in DOW can be thought using the various components of the "Sustainability System".

Our "Sustainability System" consists of the following modules:

Water Wall - water collection and conservation

Solar Tower - solar energy, eletricity and energy saving

Fish Pond - Aquatic animal, water flow and water filtering

Hydroponic System - plants, nutriton and insects

Together, these modules form a mini eco-system that draws on nature resources to run a hydroponic system that produce vegetable for our consumption.

Children gained hands-on experience in the use of clean energy and low carbon living by participating in the running of our "Sustainability System"